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Pakistan Travel and Tourism Guide


The Natural  Beauty In Pakistan Knows No Boundaries.

This country is packed with places that are soothing to the soul, brimming with glorious mountains, to the thundering waterfalls and rich backwoods. Every feature possesses extraordinary sentiments of supremacy that cannot be delineated through any photography yet still win the hearts of many. Mother Nature has blessed this country with some glorious and jaw-dropping views of lakes and rivers which will make you fall in love with this piece of land. Pakistan has got it all!

Terrorism, corruption, sectarianism, load shedding, inflation, and extremism are the only issues that are depicted by the media and daily papers. Amidst all this chaos they have forgotten the most excellent places to visit in Pakistan. The people of Pakistan undoubtedly acclaim the fertile green valleys, delightful lakes, beautiful feral life and mountains as high as you can imagine.

Tourism is a big industry in the northern areas and Kashmir regions of Pakistan. Tourists belong to every part of the world travel to this country to get enthralled by the spectacular and rare tourist destinations. There are numerous campgrounds where the traveler appreciates photography and climbing outdoors. Among the standout spots in the world let us show you five mind-blowing tourist spots you must visit to capture the astounding natural beauty in Pakistan.


1.   Dudipatsar Lake

Dudipatsar Lake

“Dudi” means white while “Sar” means lake so this is where the lake got its name. The color of the snow covering the surrounding peaks gives a white reflection on the surface of the lake that seems as if the lake is brimming with milk. The location of this lake is near Lulusar Dudipastar National Park which is situated in the extreme north side of Kaghan Valley. This striking bluish green lake is located at the high altitudes due to which its water is freezing cold.


2.   Hunza Valley


Gilgit district has this precipitous valley namely Hunza which is another startling place of Pakistan. Voyagers love this valley and consistently capture the eye-catching picturesque perspectives of this valley. Numerous significant spots are present in the renowned Hunza Valley that is famous for their splendid scenery.


3.   Katas Raj

Katas Raj

This is a temple which is situated in the Chakwal district of Punjab within a village namely Katas. Surrounded by clear blue water and remains of Buddhist Stupa, Katas Raj is a legacy that belongs to Hindu community and is among the seven ancient temples known as Satghara.


4.   Neelum Valley

Neelum Valley

Messy mountains, lakes, streams, springs and lavish green spots that can allure any traveler, sums up the beauty of Neelum Valley. It is a standout among the list of some glorious and eye-catching resorts in the world. The most acclaimed are Ratti Galli, Athmuqam, Karen, Noori top, Baboon, Neelum, Kutton Jagran, Sharda Fort, Arrang Kel, Taobut, Halmet, Surgon and many more.


5.   Ghizer River

Ghizer River

The gateway to central Asia is a small river, long in length yet small in width which is surrounded by Ghizer Valley is known as Ghizer River. It is a tributary of the Indus River that is situated in the Northern regions of Gilgit-Baltistan. Another name of this enchanting river is River Gilgit that attracts lots of tourists around the world.


Must-Have Gears for Tourist Photographer

A traveling photographer must have a standardized set of gears other than journey essentials in their bag. Few of the accessories and gears are highly necessary without which you cannot leave your home while others can serve to be useful in specific situations. Here I have the list of top-must to go gears for photographers who wish to capture the natural beauty of Pakistan in their camera lenses.


A mirrorless and lightweight DSLR camera are preferable to take on your trips that do not carry much of a weight on your shoulders. Few of the cameras that fall under this category are Nikon D5600 and Nikon D750 for landscapes. As a traveler has to carry lots of other weight that is a why a lightweight camera that takes less space is the best journey partner.



The types and number of lenses that you want to take with you greatly depend on what you are planning to shoot. For Nikon lovers, your choice of frame can be 14-24mm F/2.8G to ultra-wide 24-120mm f/4G. The lightweight lenses available at BNW Collections mostly cover all your travel photography needs.


Camera Charger and Spare Camera Batteries

Always take 3-5 camera batteries plus the charger while traveling to spectacular tourists spots in different parts of Pakistan. Get authentic ones here.


LED Flash Light

Another must-have item in your travel bag is LED flashlight. It must not be heavy or large rather compact and powerful. You can even use a rechargeable one that comes cheap and works wonders. Here’s your way to pick one, shop here!


Travel Tripod

BNW Collections’ Travel tripod is another perfect travel companion for a photographer that should be small and super light to carry. Always check your tripod at the time of buying because the biggest issue with them is the shaky legs that happen while putting a heavier load.


Travel Camera Backpack

If you are shooting in local location then a shoulder bag is convenient however if you are traveling on longer routes then travel camera backpack is a must. This is because a shoulder bag is unable to accommodate lots of gear and secondly if you get it all loaded up with essentials, then it will be too heavy to carry on a single shoulder. It is best to carry a lightweight backpack for Photographer geeks.


Lens Cleaner and Microfiber Cloth

A good quality liquid solution for lens/filter cleaning and microfiber cloth is a must for proper cleansing of filters and lenses. Every time you travel make sure you have placed lens spray in a plastic container especially landing or flying from airports. Grab your cleaning accessories from BnW Collections must-haves.


USB Port Charger

Long tours necessities a USB Port charger in your traveling bag. The size of the charger is crucial yet more power is also required to charge pretty much anything. Most of the batteries come with a respectable one year warranty and have built-in protection from excessive overcharging and overheating.


If your traveling bag consists of all above-mentioned photography supplies then you are all set to go on a long trip to capture Pakistan’s stunning landscapes and charming sites.







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